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Life Coaching Program For

Accountants, CPAs, Tax Preparers, Bookkeepers

& Financial Professionals

***It's Risk Free & You Can Cancel Anytime***

Why Sign Up For Private Coaching?
~  Make Time To Set Aside Just For You To Focus On & Achieve Results
~  Sessions Are Dialed In On What's Most
Important To You
~  Work Privately & Discreetly With Your Coac
~  Build Bigger, Bolder & Stronger Life Goals
What would your life be like if you could genuinely experience harmony while aligning your values?

The BALANCE Life Coaching For Accountants coaching program is focused on INTEGRATING two main areas in your life:

It's up to you to increase your well-being by strengthening and maintaining your emotional health, creating boundaries, managing stress and overwhelm, managing your time, feeling abundant, overcoming obstacles, increasing self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-care while you create a more positive, happy, and joyful life.
Are you making your well-being a priority in your life?

Every step you make in your professional growth is a choice you get to make.  These choices have an impact on your career growth and development, and they influence how you achieve goals, your financial well-being, productivity, job satisfaction, making decisions, workload management, strategic thinking, your limiting beliefs, client and colleague relationships, managing client expectations, avoiding burnout, meeting deadlines and maintaining a passion for your profession.
Are you making the right choices?

It's time to make big changes & create your INTEGRATED life.
It's time to decide if you want something different...BETTER for yourself.
put off making yourself a PRIORITY.
would you wait to have a more FULFILLED life?
It's time for you to invest in yourself and see the POSSIBILITIES for your future.

Are You Ready To Intentionally Create What You Want In Your Life
By Integrating Balance Between Your Personal Well-Being & Professional Growth?
How Private Coaching Works...
You Let Us Know Exactly What you Want To Work On Each Session:
Bring Whatever Is On Your Mind...
Your Highest Priority, Whatever You Want More Of In Your Life,
Or Something That Is Weighing On You Heavily
~  Set Goals & Be Held Acc
While You Are Guided Through Overcoming Obstacles

~  You And Your Coach Meet Each Week.

Are you an accountant, CPA, Tax Preparer, Bookkeeper or Financial Professional who is frustrated with your career or life and you know there's more out there for you?

I work with smart & intelligent people just like you who have already succeeded in many areas of their lives and have accomplished so many things...yet they are still missing something that is keeping them from showing up fully in their life and becoming all they were meant to be.

Even though you may be thriving in certain areas of your life, despite having accomplished a great deal, you may want to continue to grow because you are committed to creating even more in your life.


You know where you are at right now is just the beginning of the future career, personal life and potential you know you are destined to achieve.


Your mindset and thoughts are more than likely creating stories that aren't serving you in either your professional or your personal life.

One-on-one private coaching with a Certified Life Coach will help you see these thoughts.


It's up to you to design your intentional life and create the roadmap to follow and achieve your desired results.

If you're not showing up in your life the way you want, it's time to make some changes.


When you join BALANCE Life Coaching For Accountants, you'll receive one private coaching session per week that will change your life forever.

Sign up today, and schedule your first session immediately so that you can start working privately with your one-on-one coach who is there to help you reach your goals.

All you need to do is simply show up to your session and we'll work on your highest priority each and every week.

It's time to invest in deserve it & you are worth it!

What's Included In Your
BALANCE Membership...
Weekly One-On-One Private Coaching Sessions
Where We Work On
Increasing Your Well-Being,
Your Professional Growth,
And Maintaining Integration Between The
You Also Receive Immediate Access To

 Additional Resources In The Private Member Portal
***Plus, You Can Sign Up RISK FREE Today***
We believe so strongly that everyone benefits from coaching,
that when you sign up today, and if for any reason
you are not satisfied with your first session,
you can send us an email and we'll refund you im

How Do I Get Started?
#1  Click Here To Join
The BALANCE Life Coaching Membership Today!
#2  You'll Receive Immediate Information About
How To Schedule Your First Session
 #3  Schedule Your Sessions
#4  Show Up For Your Session

#5  Enjoy A More Positive, Happy, And Joyful Life!

It's time to start making changes like...

Setting And Achieving Your Goals

Preventing Procrastinating

Managing & Taking Control Of Your Time

Creating Boundaries And Honoring Them

Increasing Your Self-Confidence & Self-Trust

Not Worrying About Others Opinions Of You

Maintaining Better Relationships

Making Decisions

Getting Organized & More Efficient

Identifying Your Blind Spots

Letting Go Of Your Past & Focusing On Your Future

Creating More Feelings Of Abundance

Working On Your Perfectionism

Increasing Positive Self Talk

Preventing People Pleasing

Learning To Say "No"

Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

Overcoming Obstacles & Pitfalls

Reducing Overwhelm

Being Present In Your Life

Infusing Self-Care Into Your Daily Lifestyle

Accelerating Your Personal Development

Gaining Awareness

Simplifying & Enjoying Your Life


Is Private Coaching Right For You?
Private Coaching Is For You If...
You Are Committed To Achieving Your Goals
You Are Ready To Take Massive Action
You Are Ready To Intentionally Create What You Want In Your Life
Private Coaching Is Not For You If...
You Are NOT Ready For A Change In Your Life
You Are NOT Committed To Reach Your Goals
You Are NOT Interested In
Strengthening & Maintaining
Your Emotional Health So That You Can
Achieve Your Dreams
Frequently Asked Questions...
How Long Do You Recommend Private Coaching?
Most clients who are focused on getting what they need from coaching start seeing results in one to three months, but you can continue to receive coaching as long as you'd like.  Many of our clients actually see a difference after their very first session.
Tell Me More About The Sessions?
You and your coach will meet each week for approximately 20 minutes either over the phone or via Zoom.  All sessions are scheduled in advance.  You can reschedule your session as long as it is more than 24 hours in advance.  If weekly doesn't work in your schedule, we recommend attending at least 2 sessions per month, but your biggest benefit would be attending at least 4 sessions per month.  You get to schedule whatever works best for you.
Can I Take A Break And Come Back?
There are limited spots available for this program due to the one-on-one aspect.  You are welcome to come back at any time, but your spot is not guaranteed.  If the payment link is gone, you can get on the waitlist to join the program again when additional spots are available.
Is There A Way My Employer Can Reimburse Me?
Ask your employer if they support a program
that helps their employees strengthen & maintain their emotional health, increase their well-being, create a more positive, happy & joyful life, set & achieve goals and manage their relationships in life.  If so, be grateful that you have an employer who cares for their employees, their overall well-being, and they want them to continue to love the career they chose to excel in.  When you have an employer who supports your decision to join BALANCE Life Coaching For Accountants, you can request them to reimburse you fully or they may reimburse a portion of it for you.  If you are an employer with multiple employees you want to enroll in the BALANCE Life Coaching For Accountants coaching program, email to discuss multiple membership discounts.
What If I Want A Longer Session Each Week?

We can create a customized life coaching package for you depending on your needs.  Email and let us know what you would like your sessions to look like and we can work with you to meet your needs.
I Love Your Life Coaching Program, Do You Have A Referral Program?
Yes...we LOVE to receive referrals for the BALANCE Life Coaching For Accountants coaching program, and would be honored if you referred your friends, family, co-workers and colleagues.  Everyone benefits when they work with a certified life coach.  For every paid coaching client you refer to us, you receive $50.00.  You can learn more and submit your referral by CLICKING HERE.
Is It Really Risk-Free?
It certainly is!  We believe so strongly that everyone benefits from coaching that when you sign up for the BALANCE Life Coaching For Accountants coaching membership program, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your first session, you can send an email to, and we'll refund you immediately.  You must email us within 48 hours of your first coaching session to get your membership fee refunded.
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