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Disrupting The
Stressful Accounting Industry Norm...

...One coaching session at a time!

I help accountants who are ready to feel relief from the overwhelm and stress as well as the pressure of tight deadlines, workloads, and client demands in their accounting careers.

Do You Find Yourself In These Situations...
~ Stressed out and consistently feeling overwhelmed by deadlines
~  Not enough time in the day to get everything done
~ Putting family last so that you can stay on top of your workload
~  Tired of getting up early
and burning the midnight oil
~  Wish you could work smarter and not harder
~  Constantly trying to please people in your personal
& business life

If So, Then It's Time To Try
Life Coaching For Accountants!

~  We start each one-on-one coaching session working on your highest priorities
~  We increase your overall well-being so that you
are equipped to handle everything that comes your way in life & your accounting career


It's Time For You To Live Your Life With More Fulfillment & Joy!


Meet Chris

Certified Public Accountant

& Certified Life Coach For Accountants

I'm a wife and mother of 2 beautiful daughters and I have 4 of the most fun-loving and creative grandchildren.  I also have owned my own accounting business since 2004.  I followed the path of success since I was in high school, and even though I have achieved a lot of success...I still felt like my life was missing something.  I was often overwhelmed with the deadlines and workload in my business, I was sacrificing my family life to satisfy my clients, I was unhappy with how the busy seasons were taking a toll on my health, and I often found myself wishing my life was different.


...And then I found out about LIFE COACHING!


I always thought life coaching was a little "woo woo," a lot of fluff, and not worthwhile investigating.  It seemed like it wouldn't really make a difference in my life; after all, I am a smart business owner.  I'm an intelligent woman, I passed the CPA exam, and I am successful in my life. I should have everything under control.  How could life coaching help me?

But one session with my life coach changed my whole life!  It helped me focus on what I really wanted in life as well as how I could go about achieving those dreams.  It allowed me to work through the busy seasons while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  It helped me increase my self-confidence and have a better understanding about the relationships I have in my life.  Accountants have a stressful career, we are told that from the very beginning, and yet we still choose this career.  Stress may be the norm, but I am proof that it doesn't have to be and you can have an accounting career and still lead a fulfilled life.

After seeing how my life transformed from letting my accounting business and the high pressure deadlines run my life to a life that is full of happiness, joy and balance, I knew I needed to share this process with you.  Accountants are smart, you are smart, and having a certified life coach is a smart decision for you.

I am SO glad I gave life coaching a try, and I know you will be too...

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Are You Ready To:
Conquer A Challenge You're Facing
~ Or ~
Achieve A Goal You've Been Wanting To Reach?

I work with
Accountants, CPAs, Tax Professionals, Bookkeepers
& Other Financial Professionals
o are ready to...

Strengthen &

Maintain Your Emotional Health

Increase Your Well-being

Create A More Positive, Happy & Joyful Life

Set & Achieve Your Goals

Manage Your Relationships

Book Now

Don't Wait...
Start Your Journey Of Creating
A More Positive, Happy & Joyful Life
For Yourself Today With
Life Coaching For Accountants
& Certified Life Coach Chris Panek, CPA!


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